DL5CL, Januar 2020
First callsign, DM4UIH, in 1966, when I was 15 years old, learned the code in age of twelve. My main interest in ham radio is CW on HF bands. I like ragchewing, dxing and sometimes contesting too. In contests, I usually dont go for scores, but I like operating. Real QSOs have more personal touch. By the way Im an old-fashioned CW-Op. Use the PC for logging only. My preferred keys are semiautomatics by Vibroplex a well trained fist with such a key sounds like music.Im a so called little pistol. Never used an amplifier at any time. Run "barefoot" into a 26m end-fed wire antenna @15m, similar W3EDP, matched by a CG 3000 Smartuner. Read more about end-fed antennas. With my small set up I have worked some DX and awards over the years.I have climbed up my personal "Summits" the DXCC Challenge 1500 and 5 Band DXCC as well sticker 160m, 30m, 17m and 12m.
Since 2014, Im retired after 46 years in business. All I got to do now is enjoying life with my beloved wife Eva, eating, sleeping and ham radio.


  Lightnig # 169708            Original Standard # 384117     Original de luxe # 63343      Blue Racer  # 105134
some of my bug keys